Long Island Cat Fanciers, Inc. (LICF) is a not-for-profit organization. Founded in 1991, we are one of the nation's largest, and the only Long Island cat club dedicated exclusively to feline health and education. At our monthly meetings, members are privileged to hear a veterinarian lecture concerning different aspects of feline health and well being. Our lectures cover topics such as oncology (cancer), infectious diseases, geriatrics, diabetes, opthamology, kidney disorder, flea control, your cat's annual exam, nutrition, cat massage and tips on grooming, as well as other health issues. All lectures are interesting, easy to understand, and beneficial to everyone who loves their cat.

Long Island Cat Fanciers serves the Long Island community by distributing material which promotes responsible pet ownership and educates the public. We participate in many annual events. "Cats, Cats, Cats" is a feline information program for children and adults, presented by our club at public libraries. Our members, with their cats, promote pet therapy and bring cheer to the senior residents at adult care centers. The breeder members present their pure-bred cats in a "mini-parade of breeds," describing each breed to the public at various pet fairs throughout the year. We provide an opportunity to attend the Feline Health Symposium at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, and also tour this world renowned facility. Our club reaches the public through its information booths at the Long Island Pet Expo in November at the Nassau Coliseum.

Club members and their families enjoy our social events, such as the end of summer picnic, the December holiday party, and fund raising garage sales. At the September anniversary party and lecture, Long Island Cat Fanciers present the prestigious "Veterinarian of the Year" award. This deserving recipient is chosen by the membership, for outstanding service and extraordinary care.

Long Island Cat Fanciers is supported by more then one hundred veterinarians who have lectured at our club meetings. We have received awards of recognition from Nassau and Suffolk County Executives, as well as the Long Island Veterinary Medical Association for being an outstanding organization, providing significant contributions to the health and well being of all cats, and for our efforts to enhance the education of the cat owners of Long Island.

The goal of Long Island Cat Fanciers is to have our members sharing the knowledge of our veterinary lectures in order to preserve their cats' good health. Our club is for all cat owners. Whether you have a cherished household pet or you are a serious feline fancier, we welcome you to join us.

Like an owner's manual for your cat, Long Island Cat Fanciers may be the most important and beneficial organization for you and your cat.


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Long Island Cat Fanciers', Inc
   E-mail - licf@iname.com