Long Island Cat Fanciers Inc. Lecture Agenda, 2019

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Date Guest Speaker Topic

March 5th 2018 - Monday 7:30 PM

Dr. Dawn Greenberg Holistic Veterinary Medicine Part 1:  Veterinary Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine for your Pets

May 7th 2018 - Monday 7:45 PM

Dr. Dawn Greenberg A Holistic Approach to Cat Nutrition, Vaccines, & Parasite Control

Oct 15th 2018 - Monday 7:30 PM

Liz Fox, Nassau County SPCA Domestic Violence & Pets: the Nassau County Safe Center

Dec 10th 2018 - Monday 7:45 PM

Dr. Alberto Gil, principal veterinarian of the Comprehensive Animal Health Care The benefits of using homeopathy & chiropractic in treating your pets.  Free Lecture followed by
Open Q & A

April 1st 2019 - Monday

Due to LICF's ongoing involvement in a rescue cat housing emergency, there will be no meeting this month


May 6th 2019 - Monday


Meeting Cancelled due to the passing of Ark Ackerman - founder of LICF

Maureen A. Gest An Update on the New York Animal Rescue Registry & New York State Grants for Animal Rescue Organizations

June 3rd 2019 - Monday


This Monday night, 6/3, we invite you all to an open meeting to discuss important local and NYS issues pertaining to Long Island pets and pet rescues.   Among these topics are:  updates to the NYS Animal Rescue Registry Law; what happened to the NYS Companion Animal Capital Fund (we're trying to get an answer re: the Fund); & shelter/rescue issues of concern on Long Island.

Please join us and please feel free to bring up any topic relevant to Long Island Cat Fanciers that you would like to discuss.

November 4th 2019 - Monday

We expect to offer new and exciting veterinary programs this spring. We invite you to meet with us this coming Monday evening to discuss strategies to get NYS to resume funding of the NYS Companion Animal Capital Fund













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